I want One!

If you are looking through this site and have decided you can’t live without a Varsity Roadster of your own, I’d be happy to sell you one. But it’s expensive. Really expensive. Not because I’m trying to get rich off of selling these cars. It just turns out that it is ridiculously expensive to build a car this way. I’ll know better what my production costs are after finishing the red car, but the retail cost would have to be just shy of $100,000.

Furthermore, I can’t provide you with any service afterward. It is true that the car is built using modern, reliable parts and components (see the “specifications” section of this website), and, after using the car as a daily driver for the last five years, I can vouch for the fact that it starts right up and runs like a dream every day, but I simply don’t have the resources to provide you with the service and warranty you deserve if you are buying a car for that kind of money. And there are safety issues, too. It is a very light car with insane power and torque. It is a lot of fun to drive this car hard. That makes it way too easy to get into trouble with it. This car in the hands of an inexperienced but enthusiastic driver is a recipe for disaster. And don’t forget, there is no roll bar, there are no crumple zones and no air bags. Still can’t live without one? Contact me and we can talk about selling you one of the two prototypes, building a car using one of the two remaining bodies, or building a new body for you from my molds. Contact me, Ted Parks here.